Welcome To Medina Family Practice
We are here to serve you and give you the best care possible.
Our Focus Is Healing.
Pain is part of the solution, not the problem. Pain is the last to come, and the first to go.
We offer Medical Care and Rehab Therapy In One Convenient Location.
Delaying treatment can hurt your health and your case.

Welcome to Medina Family Practice

At Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center we want you to have a different healthcare experience; one that shows you the value of both your mental and physical well-being. Healthcare should not be expensive or limiting and you should not have to wait weeks to see your provider. We also believe you deserve to have a provider that thinks about you and your budget when prescribing medications and ordering tests.

Managed health care organizations and the government have created a system in which medical decisions are largely out of the hands of patients and their providers. This in turn makes health care costs prohibitive to you, the patients. For this reason we have decided to opt out of those systems so that we are no longer bound to their price plans. This decision allows us to keep our costs down, so that we may pass those savings on to you.


Health screenings & testing


Illness, aches & pains
Minor injuries
Skin conditions


Ongoing health conditions
Medications & treatments


General mental well-being

  • Thomas and his staff are amazing at Medina Family Practice. I am very happy with their care, attention to detail, and overall knowledge and professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone!

    K. Jones
  • Was able to get a same day appointment for my son’s sports physical in the late evening after all our other activities were over. Convenient location and hours! Very affordable, too!

    J. Boyland
  • Great service right in our backyard! Was able to call and get same day appointment!

    T. Mamone

At Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center, we believe that health care does not have to be expensive.

We will customize a rehabilitation plan and provide you with the care options that best fit your condition and your goals.

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